Mamuang DIY

Mamuang DIY

Mamuang DIY

Patient and encouraging teacher

Mamuang DIY, knitting and sewing and textiles teacher
5.0 stars (49+)


Before Pueng came to be teachers

Pueng began to study from the origin of the bag.
Try to learn from the picture. And videos on YouTube Thinking about obstacles Which students will meet Create a new pattern for training And still have to be able to actually use the subject And also having to think about what color to choose to be beautiful

Learn to use the program to make patterns that have never been used.
Design the study form that students have to use, etc., all done, because the bee has never seen the knitting book. And have to complete this project

Pueng takes almost 1 month to do this course. Until the time of actual teaching Happiness happens every time we broadcast. Have seen students encounter the obstacles that we have encountered Like creating a game for students to play and having to take him through it Saw a happy smile because he understood Because he can Causing the bees to know that our time was dedicated It's not wasted Know more about the value of teachers That there must be responsibility for what we teach.

This was 6 and a half years ago that began teaching the tie dye fabric.


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