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Som ceramics
Som ceramics
10+ years experience in ceramics

7 x 3 hours Class size 2 to 5     label ฿8,000
At Som Ceramics Studio, you will be provided with the basic instructions of wheel throwing. You will also create your own designs as soon as you are confident in your skills and techniques. We will encourage you to apply the techniques comfortably and freely.
We have four short courses. You will learn every technique step by step in each course: a theory of ceramics making, knowledge of clay preparing, clay smashing and basic of wheel throwing technique, glazing, and firing the products. You will be provided with techniques of wheel throwing and designing in each course.
Each course is divided into 7 sections. Each section takes three (3) hours to complete. Morning classes start from 9:00-12:00 a.m., while afternoon classes starts from 13:00-16:00 p.m.
The studio opens from Monday through Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The studio closes on Fridays.
About the studio:
Mr. Prot Urasyanandana, the youngest son in the Urasyanandana Family, keeps the challenging purpose of Som Ceramics Studio alive since he took over the business after his mother passed away: to instill the art of ceramics designs and the know-how in making pottery and ceramics wares to people who are interested in this form of arts.
Som Ceramics Studio provides students with know-how of designing potteries and ceramics wares for over 30 year. We are striving to improve our teaching methods and introduce new knowledges in wheel throwing and making slap, among many others new techniques, ” says Mr. Prot. In 2005, he received two first prizes in OTOP Design Awards 2005.
Knowledge required
This class is suitable for beginners and interested in ceramics.
What to bring
We supply everything for you
Session repeats

After the first session, subsequent sessions can be arranged with the teacher, at a time that suits you.


5 Soi Sukhumvit 56, Bang Chak, Phra Khanong, Bangkok, Thailand

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Som ceramics
Som ceramics

10+ years experience in ceramics

Established in 1985 by the late Prof. Somthavil Urasyanandana, Som Ceramics Studio is located in Bangkok, Thailand and is a small yet versatile studio. To conserve the zeal of Prof. Somthavil in the arts of making ceramics wares and her enthusiasm in passing on her knowledge and skills to younger generations, Mr. Prot Urasyanandana, her youngest son, took over the studio. He has inherited this passion in ceramics design from his mother and also works as a co-teacher in the studio.
About the founder:
Prof. Somthavil studied Ceramics Design from Canbrook, Academy of Arts at Michigan, U.S.A. When she came back to Thailand, she made teaching ceramics design a career by becoming a professor at Chulalongkorn University (a top-five university in Thailand) and many others universities in Bangkok over the period of more than 30 years. Her dedication at work was prominent so much so that she became the Head of Industrial Design Department, Faculty of Architecture.
During her active career as a devoted teacher and a creative pottery and ceramics ware artist, she had made a large collection of uniquely designed ceramics wares that she proudly scripted her name “Som” on every piece of her work. Her striking designs and distinctive colouring techniques caught the world's attention and her precious creations with “Som” inscription were recognised worldwide. Prof. Somthavil also was granted the National Artist Award in 1998.
After retirement, she wanted to keep her love in making ceramics wares vibrant so she established Som Ceramics Studio at her residence in 1985.

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