Zero Waste Deodorant Making

Sustainable and Waste free Deodorant Making class.



5.0 stars (24+)

1 hour Class size 1 to 5 label ฿950

As the world moves away from mass produced chemical based beauty products, this class will help you begin a journey to healthy and sustainable living.

Using all natural ingredients with a zero waste formula this sustainable and environmentally friendly class will teach you to create deodorant using ingredients from around your home.

You will learn to make your favourite scented deodorant using simple methods and simple ingredients and never have to buy chemical based deodorant ever again.

Each student will leave with their hand made deodorant.

What you'll get
Students will take home their hand made deodorant

Novessence Healthy Living - Hu Soi Naphasap, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand

Your teacher

9 years experience in DIY cosmetic workshops

5.0 stars (24+)

Novessence is, first of all, a team of professionals with a common passion for aromatherapy and natural cosmetics with the objective that you benefit from their numerous properties. We are happy to share our passion with you.

Our Commitments
> To provide you exclusively with premium, pure, natural and organic products
> To explain to you how to fashion your own cosmetics and skin cares and show you how easy and fun it can be
> To inform you about the huge benefits for your health and product performance of DIY natural cosmetics and skincare

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