Barista Coffee Making Workshop

Learn some practical skills behind the espresso bar

FABB Academy of Coffee

FABB Academy of Coffee

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4 x 7 hours 2 to 10 label ฿5,000

Learn the practical skills you need to be a pro at the espresso bar: learn how to set your grinder, milk techniques and latte art, as well as health and safety.

Who knew a passion for fashion would lead into the world of coffee? That’s what happened in 1995, when FABB Fashion Cafe – a fashion boutique, coffee shop, and internet cafe rolled into one – opened its doors for the first coffee academy in Thailand.

We here at FABB don’t work in half-measures, so we ensured that our coffee institution can hold its own amongst the world’s best. We are a coffee educator certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and Coffee Consulate (Germany). We are also a green bean trader and have excellent connections with professional coffee farmers, adopting Fair Trade and Organic Growing rules. We have the latest coffee equipment, machines, and accessories as well. We’ve also established a fine network with world-class coffeeologists.

That’s not all. With the establishment of FABB Academy of Coffee, it is clear we’re committed about spreading the wonders of coffee all over the globe, not just in Thailand. We want to inspire a new coffee culture and promote global interest in the art and business of coffee. We don’t see ourselves as riding the coffee bandwagon; in our vision, we’re one of those driving it!

At FABB Academy of Coffee, you don’t just love and learn about coffee more – you become one of our companions and fellow advocates in our global quest for coffee excellence. The world of coffee will never be the same again!

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This class series runs over 4 consecutive days


, Bangkok

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FABB Academy of Coffee
FABB Academy of Coffee

20+ years experience in coffee academy

5.0 (43+)
6k+ likes

FABBAOC is the first coffee academy in Thailand and has been on the forefront of the café and restaurant industry. With decades of experience, we now provide consultancy services in the following areas:

Coffee Training: As one of the pioneers of coffee education in Thailand, we are certified by the Specialty Coffee Association and the Coffee Consulate (Germany). We deliver customised training to both personal and business clienteles, to enhance the quality of coffee you serve. Among other valuable tricks of the trade, these trainings offer an in-depth knowledge about coffee beans, the espresso machine, flavours and aroma of coffee and barista skills. We guarantee our trainees essential coffee knowledge and an exceptional set of skills.

Coffee Menu: Whether a café or a hotel, any business requires a unique range of coffee for their clientele. A superior menu makes a lasting impression bringing customers back for another cup. Based on specifications provided by the clientele, FABB provides assistance to tailor menus for assorted coffee-linked businesses. Every cup of coffee is a product of our many years of expertise and experiments, crowned with your very own signature.

Cafe and Restaurant Startup: Based on the decades of experience we have gathered on our own journey, we now offer assistance with the blueprints you require to start your own business. We promise guidance throughout the process of your startup. This includes helping you create the framework for the concept, theme, design, layout and setup of your new café or restaurant.

Setting Up Coffee Roasteries: Starting your own roastery? We have everything you need. Save time and energy to go hunting for equipment because FABB supplies the finest coffee equipment, all under one roof! We also provide certification and opportunities to gain experience to aid a smooth startup for your roastery. This is not a deal you would want to miss out on.

Machines & Accessories: We are pleased to tell you that FABB is an authorized distributor for several superior companies that have been dominating the coffee industry. To name a few, these leading brands include ECM, Coffee-Tech, Coffee Consulate and Eureka. This means we guarantee world class machinery, we supply this equipment at a competitive rate too.

Green Coffee Evaluation/Grading: To ensure an all-inclusive parcel of the services we provide, we also evaluate and grade green beans at our Lab. We at FABB believe that there is always room for improvement. Find out where you stand in terms of quality and enhance the quality of the coffee you supply or serve.

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