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BeBelle Home Studio

BeBelle Home Studio

10+ years in handicraft work

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BeBelleShop produces handmade accessories, handicrafts especially photo decoupage. They can decoupage any photo on any surface to make a special gift for people you love.

Bell focuses on decoupage applications – mostly photo decoupage, but napkin work is easier. Many customers were interested and inquired, so Bell arranged a course for customers who love art. Get a basic de-ditch internship at a reasonable price and learn easy methods in a fun environment. Now it is divided into six big courses (there is a new course update for the convenience of learners).

A. Wood & Home Decor Classic wood work. With various methods of surface and decoupage paper to choose from And can also choose other textures.

B. Happy Basket Enjoy the popular Napkin Deku Bag event. Variety of techniques for eye-catching bag Nobody like

C. Enchanted PVC, making décor with a PVC bag, looks elegant, technically applied by the teacher, Pum Rujira Poon, which is thought to create the technique of dubbing on smooth and glossy skin. By means of fine detailing and applied to many types of napkins dehydrogenase on smooth surfaces

D. Happy Box, Happy Box, teach, edit, assemble paper boxes, then hard coat like wood ... the only box in the world that has your impression Not unique with photo decoupage

E.Easy Decoupage 12 pieces. Choose to study some pieces.

F. mobile Case Chic phone frame Can create an extra career. Teach by Honey Bee teachers.


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