Beginners Sewing Machine Class

Learn how to use electric sewing machines

2 hours Class size 2 to 5     label ฿500
This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to use basic electric sewing machines, anyone can do it!
The class will cover the theory and practice of sewing machines including:
1. Types of sewing machines: learn the materials and differences of household sewing machines with industrial sewing machines.
2. Function of computer system sewing machine: learn and understand the various components on the computer system, keypad, menu commands including the setting of the machine to suit the usage
3. Working principle of sewing machines: the working principle of the machine, computer system, filling, thread cutting, sensor system, etc.
4.How to fix problems that may occur while sewing: for example if the machine stopped working, distortion of thread tension, knot problems, troubleshooting, etc.
After some machine demonstrations from the instructor you will start using the machine and test various commands, choose stitches, set the width and length of the seam and learn how to draw straight lines, curves, and stitch lines. Then you will practice sewing and complete some fun sewing exercises on real fabric pieces.
Knowledge required
* Suitable for those who do not have basic skills. Once you've completed this class your skills can be extended to other classes such as sewing tote bag and free motion embroidery.
What to bring
The team provided all the equipment. Including Brother sewing machines
Students are not able to select the model of the machine they are using.

PINN Creative Space - พระราม 9 Huai Khwang, Bangkok, Thailand

Beginners Sewing Machine Class location
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Pinn Creative Space
Pinn Creative Space

2 years experience in sewing classes

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PINN Creative Space is a business that comes from PINN SHOP, a tool shop for crafts and sewing. At present, it is a creative space for modern designers which is equipped with modern tools, also known as Digital Fabrication (digital production) for extending ideas and creativity for everyone.
We offer personalised service and expert staff who offer advice on embroidery, scarf printing, make t-shirts, pillows, gifts, laser cut 3D printing or design work for students.
We have many training courses and workshops. For those who are interested in modern crafts and those who want to start their own business, or even learn to work as a hobby. Our courses include:
  • Basic Sewing 101-102: a beginner course for those interested in sewing
  • Basic Laser cut for those interested in laser cutting
  • Basic textile digital print
  • Digital fabric printing course
  • Watercolor & Surface pattern: a fabric design course
What we have?
Tools that are available and distributed
Embroidery Machine or Computer Embroidery Machine
Machine Sewing or Sewing Machine
Scan N cut or small automatic cutting machine
Laser cutting or laser cutting machine
Textile digital print on heat transfer or digital fabric printer
3D Printing or 3D printing machine

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