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Bu-Ngasari Florist aims to propagate and preserve Thai traditional art of flower and banana leaf crafts which were inherited from the Thai Royal Palace. This craftsmanship requires a finely detailed and meticulous eye and this aboriginal art reflects the way ancient Thai people lived and how beautiful and exquisite our eating culture was. This is so hard to admit that nowadays, fewer people are interested in this, thus, unfortunately, making it fade away with time.

Accordingly, we believe that big change could be started from a normal little one. And for this reason, we established Bu-Ngasari Florist to expose our intention toward Thai cultural heritage preservation. Bu-Ngasari Florist is the difference because of our strong intention to relay all the techniques and knowledge from each generation until the present.

Even though we encourage the cultural design, we also adapt our courses to have a contemporary teaching class, and international flower arrangement standards. Students are required to pass study criteria of both theoretical and practical sections in order to ensure that students truly understand it and affirm completion of the course. Our students shall receive a certificate in both Thai and English.

A variety of petal and leaf are neatly collated to form a fresh flower Thai Garland, another scrupulousness of Thai people which should be preserved and continued to carry on. Hence, our school has gathered many types of flower crafts for adaptability and usability of our students.


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