SSI Mermaid, outdoor teacher

SSI Mermaid

SSI Mermaid

one and only SSI mermaid course in Thailand

location_on Bangkok

local_activity classes: Outdoor

Teacher Patt or Kru Patt started from the very beginning as a person who didn't know how to swim but she kept practicing from snorkeling to scuba diving and falling in love in free diving.
Including Kru Patt Many young girls dream of becoming a mermaid, and a princess of the sea but as some forget their dreams as they grow, Kru Patt believed it could be true and one day after hearing that the SSI international diving institute in Australia was offering mermaid instructor course , she just caught the flight and applied the course . Now she's able to dive like a mermaid and got her very own tail.
After she came back to Bangkok , she started to fulfilled the dream of people who would like to be a mermaid . Some people just would like to try and some people were very enjoy being mermaid .It always make her proud to see when her students archived their goal or smile with happiness.


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