Alyssa Kru, floristry teacher

Alyssa Kru

15 years experience as a chef and restaurant owner

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I am a culinary chef, AKA Chef Alyssa Han, and the founder of online cooking in Thailand. Being a chef and restaurant owner in the overseas markets from China to Europe for 15 years, cooking is my passion and I moved to my countryside houses and provided community-based tourism so that the visitors can experience real nature and a very quiet, countryside home surrounded by mountains, birds, and growing trees on holidays. Not only is a house in the wood, located in the indigenous area with peace to offer but also help to support the community with a rewarding organization helping wildlife animal, local people, and plants. After losing my cooking school in Bangkok, I realize how tourism can come back and support people in the community they visit and as a local resident, I want to have my home, and my skill to invite tourists in Thailand to support them. Local attractions are community-based tourism such as KangKraChan Dam, Ecotourism, Wildlife Friends Foundation, and the Leng car tour, etc. There is a motorcycle that you can rent for getting by/going to the market for your own cooking. If you want to learn how to cook Thai food then book the chef on Sunday cooking here on Class Bento. You can make sure part of the earnings will go to support the community, locals, animals, and plants.



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