Treehouse Mountain Cooking Experience山地烹饪 at World Heritage

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Alyssa Kru
Alyssa Kru
15 years experience as a chef and restaurant owner

5 hours Experience size 1 to 4     label ฿2,500
Chef Alyssa (Lamrawee) and her mountain home 15 KM from the KaengKraChan district, the World Heritage. It is suitable for tourists in HuaHin/Petchaburi with 50 mins for a ride.
For a private class with a full class of 4 people, a car can be arranged to pick you up from HuaHin/Petchaburi. The booking of 1-3 will require the transportation fee if you don't drive your own car to the chef treehouses on the mountains at Baht 2K extra to share in the group.
7 am: pick up from the hotel
8 - 8.30 am: Temple Market Visit
8.30 - 9 am: Visit the hydroponic farm to make salad rolls
9 am: Back to the open-air treehouse cooking class with a welcome drink
9 am-12 pm: Make your lunch with the chef, the dishes created from palm sugar and local produce
Make Namjim's form chef recipe feature on World
Sauce Cook Book
  • Jack fruit fish Curry with a locally made curry paste, village recipe with rice noodles
  • Thai desserts made from coconut palm fruits, fresh
12 pm - 1 pm: Lunch at the treehouse and chat for recipes and tips
1 pm- 3 pm (not included in the experience) you have the option to visit KaengKraChan National Park, World Heritage on the boat ride at 500 baht, an extra fee to support a local rider. Make sure you will get Suntan lotion enough:)
**Trip from Bangkok will need the extra hours, car arrangement, and accommodation, pls contact the chef in advance including your food and Dietary Requirements.

Please note: Public dates for this experience require at least 2 guests to run. In the unlikely event that we don't reach this number, we'll cancel the class; in this case we'll inform you and allow you to get a refund or reschedule, so please watch your email/SMS one day prior to the experience.
Knowledge required
No experience or knowledge required
We love to teach beginners
What you'll get
Palm Juice, and Ice water
What to bring
This experience mostly takes place in the outdoor area without air conditioning but it is cool under the trees so wear a comfortable dress for summer, and bring a tower if you are a sweaty person; we provide a cold towel from time to time during the farm visit, Suntaning if you are not familiar with strong sunshine

ตำบล วังจันทร์, จ. เพชรบุรี

Exact location is masked for privacy. You'll automatically get the specific address after booking.

Treehouse Mountain Cooking Experience山地烹饪 at World Heritage location
Your host
Alyssa Kru
Alyssa Kru

15 years experience as a chef and restaurant owner

I am a culinary chef, AKA Chef Alyssa Han, and the founder of online cooking in Thailand. Being a chef and restaurant owner in the overseas markets from China to Europe for 15 years, cooking is my passion and I moved to my countryside houses and provided community-based tourism so that the visitors can experience real nature and a very quiet, countryside home surrounded by mountains, birds, and growing trees on holidays. Not only is a house in the wood, located in the indigenous area with peace to offer but also help to support the community with a rewarding organization helping wildlife animal, local people, and plants. After losing my cooking school in Bangkok, I realize how tourism can come back and support people in the community they visit and as a local resident, I want to have my home, and my skill to invite tourists in Thailand to support them. Local attractions are community-based tourism such as KangKraChan Dam, Ecotourism, Wildlife Friends Foundation, and the Leng car tour, etc. There is a motorcycle that you can rent for getting by/going to the market for your own cooking. If you want to learn how to cook Thai food then book the chef on Sunday cooking here on Class Bento. You can make sure part of the earnings will go to support the community, locals, animals, and plants.

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