Flower Arranging Class - Black Bouquets

Learn to arrange a black - white tone bouquet

Airich flower Studio
Airich flower Studio
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3 hours Class size 1 to 8     label ฿3,400

Learn how to create a Black-White tone flower bouquets.

Luxury and Mysterious Black-White tone express your style through bouquet arrangement
Learn the techniques to mix and match flowers with color theory, how to pick the type of flowers, flowers composition, wrapping techniques and especially how to extend flower life.

After this class you will be able to create a harmonious mix that will please the eye and lighten your spirit, and learn how best to assemble these flowers into a neat bouquet by yourselves.

This workshop is perfect for beginners and you don't need any previous experience working with flowers. It is a great class to take if you're looking to study flower arrangements, want to make a handmade gift for a special occasion, or just create flower arrangements for the home.

Black Bouquet
ช่อดอกไม้ในโทนสีขาวดำ ที่ดูโก้หรู เคร่งขรึมน่าค้นหา ส่งผ่านความรู้สึกด้วยดอกไม้และเทคนิคการจัดที่คุณสามารถทำได้ด้วยตัวเอง

  • ทฤษฏีสี(Color theory)และการใช้สีเพื่อการสื่อสารความรู้สึก
  • การเลือกใช้ดอกไม้แต่ละชนิด
  • การจัดองค์ประกอบ (Composition)
  • การห่อช่อ (Wrapping)
  • การยืดอายุดอกไม้(Extend flower life)

หลังจากชั้นเรียนนี้คุณจะสามารถสร้างการผสมผสานที่กลมกลืนซึ่งจะทำให้มีความละมุนมากขึ้นและเรียนรู้วิธีที่ดีที่สุดในการรวบรวมดอกไม้เหล่านี้ลงในช่อดอกไม้อย่างประณีตด้วยตัวเอง หากต้องการทำของขวัญแฮนด์เมดสำหรับโอกาสพิเศษหรือเพียงแค่สร้างการจัดดอกไม้สำหรับบ้าน


Knowledge required
No experience or knowledge required.
What to bring
We supply everything in our workshop for you.
Suitable for

This class is great for individuals and couples as well as for a team building activity, birthday or bachelorette party.

This would also be a nice gift for her, gift for mum or birthday gift.


, Bangkok

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Your teacher
Airich flower Studio
Airich flower Studio

10+ years experiences in flower arrangement

Facebook likes13k
Facebook likes4.9 stars (13+)

Siri Vipa Wimukdeon is the owner of this beautiful studio and a regular teacher.

The Graphic Design Faculty of Gemology and Applied Arts Rambhai Barni Rajabhat University in Chanthaburi Province, founded the origin of AIRICH floral and graphic design, "We started with the flower arrangement at the wedding. And take care of wedding ceremonies since 2007, including various graphic designs such as wedding cards, backdrop, wedding, event, website, brochures, etc.

Later, it was opened as a studio for teaching flower arrangements that are their own style. The course has been kept small with only 4-6 small classes for thorough study. Students can also choose to study in specific areas such as flower arrangements, fruit basket arrangements, etc. We also sell artificial flowers, home furnishings, and provide a workshop for businesses that want to organise activities for customers as well.

Course details:

By AIRICH floral and graphic design is a workshop held every month. Most of them are a one-day workshop and have a special class for customers interested in their favourite flower arrangements. The classes only consist of 1-2 people, and every month will change the unique arrangement, such as arranging flowers, arranging various vases, making home decorations, etc. which will have different prices. The classes start at 1,500 baht / person, and students can choose between fresh flowers and artificial flowers.

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