Wax Resist Dyeing Class

Learn the basics about colour-blocking with candles



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6 hours 2 to 8 label ฿2,500

Wax resist dying, is a technique for creating beautiful patterns on indigo dyed fabrics.

Students will learn
- Basic knowledge of colour-blocking with candles, quality components, raw materials and equipment
- Techniques for designing and creating moulds by yourself
- Techniques for using candles to create patterns on the fabric
- Ideas for creating indigo dyed patterns with a combination of tie dye techniques, colour-blocking with candles And fabric painting with natural indigo, which makes each piece unique and beautiful.

We can't wait to meet you!

Knowledge Required
No experience or knowledge required.
What to bring
We supply everything in our workshop for you, including refreshments.

หมู่บ้านพร้อมพัฒน์ ไพร์ม รามอินทรา Sam Wa Tawan Tok, Khlong Sam Wa, Bangkok, Thailand

Your teacher

5+ years experience in turquoise fabrics

9k+ likes

Blunature classes create art from turquoise fabrics with a joyful heart. You will learn:
- The basics of natural turquoise/shibori
- How to prepare the water dyed with natural indigo
- Dyeing and colourless techniques
- Types of fabrics and techniques for creating different and many different patterns on the fabric

You will also get a new perspective on marketing, branding and channels to make money from hobbies. You will also experience the charm of turquoise art that will allow you to discover the spirit of being your own artist – access to freedom that is not attached to perfection, joyful with the current breath and happy from patterns that are not expected.

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