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Silom Thai Cooking School caters to people with keen interests in food and culture. Learn to cook famous Thai dishes in a relaxed and friendly environment. Small classes (only maximum of 9 - 10 people) are conducted in a traditional open kitchen, and led by certified Thai cooks, making for a highly personalised and rewarding experience.

Each class starts with a trip to a local market to buy fresh ingredients. You’ll get a feel for real Thai culture as you experience its rich colours, and unique flavours and smells. Students then prepare a complete five-course meal for lunch completely from scratch.

This exciting program is the ideal way to enjoy an authentic cultural and culinary experience. It’s also perfect for the serious home cook who wants to learn how to cook authentic Thai food for their next dinner party. For spouses accompanying husband or wife on a business trip, or the adventurous traveler wanting to explore more than just the sights of our great city.

Our courses are conducted in the morning to take advantage of cooler outdoor temperatures for shopping, prep and cooking. Markets open early in Bangkok, as perishable foods are at their peak. Food markets are a great way to introduce students to Thai culture and lifestyle. Your guide will explain about Thai tastes and customs, local meat, fish, and produce, finding unique ingredients and, of course Thai-style bargaining! Touring a traditional outdoor market provides insight both into how Thai people approach cooking and how many spend their day. These lessons are as important as those in the kitchen.

Students are taught to cook complete dishes from scratch, with traditional utensils and techniques. Preparing curry paste is one of the most unique and important aspects of Thai cooking, as most of the herbs and spices are ground together in a stone mortar before being cooked in a variety of ways. All herbs are fresh picked and whole spices are used rather than pre-ground ones. Aroma is as important as taste in Thai cooking. All prep work and cooking are hands-on experiences, performed entirely by our students.

All Instructors at Silom Thai Cooking School have a Cooking or Baking Certificate from a recognised Thai Culinary School and a minimum of one year of professional cooking or teaching experience. More important...they are extremely patient and friendly!


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